Last Day…

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Well, we made it… We’re on the last day of camp, and the week has been awesome! 

Tonight we’re taking communion after our nightly experience… taking communion together has always been a huge impact on the students… if you read this before 7:30 pray for our experience tonight! 

Here are a couple comments from the students:

“God has brought me to think more of my actions.  And I need to spend more time in study.”–John S.

“He really brought me back to him.  Lately, I’ve felt so far from God.  And today, at worship especially, I’ve just felt drawn back! I feel like I am whole again.”–Hannah

“During the evening experience when he started talking I started crying and I could tell God was in the room.”–Conner

“I’m trying to find him again.  Trying to become closer and hear him.”–Shelby

“I have really changed from just coming to this camp.”–Darishia

“I invited him into my life and into my heart.”–Colter

“I just want to say thank you to God for everything.”–Tyler

“you can’t just believe that God is real, you have to believe him with your heart.”–Houston

“I committed my life to Christ.”–Lindsey


Hump Day

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Well here at camp it is officially hump day.  Everything is going great, kids are really responding especially the middle school guys I have (South OKC).  Most everyone is opening up in some way, shape or form and it is giving me little goose bumps everywhere.  We talked about prayer last night and there were some amazing things written on the prayer walls as well as some amazing things said in our switch group.  I feel as though the guys are already starting to open up to me and everyone else and realize that there are people here to help you through tough times and celebrate with you during those awesome times!  There have been some really thought provoking conversations in our switch groups as well as one-on-one times with some of the kids here.  These kids are hungry! And we are giving them the best food imaginable!  For all you parents reading this…keep this in mind…they will always need to be fed, so when they get back don’t let them starve.  Peace.


OH…. camp!

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So, camp is 1/2 over. Things have been so amazing so far, i can’t even imagine what the next 1/2 will be like! The last night of camp is usually the night that has the biggest impact on the students. The praise and worship and the message is usually just pushed to the limit and it’s the night that something just clicks and so many of the kids just “get it”. Well, last night’s experience was of that caliber…. we still have 2 nights left and i have no doubt that each experience will just be a step above the last. Parents please know that God is moving in such a big way in your students lives. Be prepared for crazy-excited, spirit-filled, on fire for God,  (sunburnt) students when they get home!


= )

Last night was awesome!!!

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Andy spoke about prayer, what do we really pray to God about?  At the end we had students write their prayers on the walls around the worship center.  There was really a spirit of brokeness around the camp, it was a great night of students letting go of their “junk” to God.  In these last couple of days we pray that those students would allow God to come and heal those things.  Last night we had some MEGA fun with the inflatable games as volleyball and basketball tournaments were happening!!!  Funny stories are everywhere–we’ll have to find one or two of the best and share.  Keep praying for us as we’re at camp-for our students for our leaders, for our staff….and the food!

Wow Cards

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Each day we will try and post some comments from what God is doing in their lives!

Day 1

“When we were taking the swim test one girl was struggling.  The lifeguards were all cheering her on.  Their encouragement was inspiring” -Sheridan

“I’ve never come to Switch before and my group has been real nice to me.  I hope to get closer to GOd and get in my mind that I NEED to do my devotional.  Please pray for me.” -Connor

“He’s beginning to change the way I act.  I’m starting to actually believe.” -Nick

“I got to get some stuff off my chest & got some perspective” -Caleb

“Seeing everyone really participate in worship, that just really struck me hard” -Hannah

“I like talking to our leader” -Izzy

“Worship was Amazing! Cam wow lifeguards/staff were super nice at swim test!” -Rachel

“Man i had the best first day & ride down.  I met a good new friend named Eddie, Oh and i love my leader IT WAS GREAT” -Cheyenne

“What made me happy was when before the party everyone all helped each other.  Me & Mo talked about a lot of stuff we have never been so connected like that before God really touched me through our conversation.” -Chelsea

little things

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it never stops surprising me just how far knowing things about a student’s life goes with them – even (and sometimes especially) the lttle things.  whether its a name, a hobby, a struggle or just their favorite brand of toothpaste (mine’s wintergreen colgate) – it shows them that they not only exist but that they matter in ways that just saying it will NEVER accomplish.

so remember a little thing about one of your students and find or wait for a place to show them they matter!



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We’ve officially landed!  SummerSwitch is in full swing and we’re getting ready for the amazing 80’s prom night.  Do you remember your prom?  We’ll try and get some pictures posted so you can see what your students really brought-yikes!!!!!